I just had a dream that I was kidnapped and put into a cult of some sort. Omfg. I was in a room with a bunch of annoying ass vine people who were being mean to me. Then, someone barges into yelling about how I am being loud and I can’t talk about Pearl Jam and that’s when I wanted to leave.
My friend appeared in the house with me and we were trying to find our way out when these two guys got a hold of him or something (I can’t remember) so I kept going bc I guess I’m that fucking heartless to leave my friend with these harmful strangers.
Somehow, I lost my clothes and found my way out and I was running around in the dark streets, naked. I made my way to an alley where I found a bunch of cool new clothes hanging on a rack. I put some on and walked deeper into the alley which turned into the store where the clothes came from and I found the lady that worked there barely startled her for some reason. (like I woulda been scared shitless. like wtf was she doing working in a dark store, at night, all alone?) I tell her that I need help and she leads me to the front door, unlocks it, and is walking me out while I’m trying to telling her what just happened to me all she fucking says is some shit like ‘ok first you have to admit you’re psychotic’ or something. I was pissed then I woke up.
Point is, don’t watch documentaries about cult leaders and serial killers before taking a nap.